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Poverty is still a world problem and even a significant challenge, especially in Indonesia. The Indonesian government has implemented several programs and initiatives to address poverty and improve the lives of its citizens. However, poverty alleviation in Indonesia remains a complex and ongoing challenge. This literature review aimed to describe poverty alleviation efforts in Indonesia and challenges from the perspective of sustainable development goals. Efforts to alleviate poverty require a combination of economic growth, targeted social assistance programs, and efforts to improve education, health, and other basic services. This is in line with the sustainable development goals to end poverty in all its forms, which aim to eliminate extreme poverty and reduce the number of people living in moderate poverty globally. In conclusion, the goal to end poverty in all its forms everywhere is an important element of the SDGs. To achieve this goal, Indonesia and other countries need to adopt strategies that address the root causes of poverty.


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Farnillah, A. N., & Bambang Cipto. (2023). Poverty Alleviation Efforts in Indonesia and Challenges in the Perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals: A Narrative Literature Review. Open Access Indonesia Journal of Social Sciences, 6(2), 926-935.