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Several factors that can influence positive WOM are brand experience, brand loyalty, self-congruity, and brand love. Brand experience, created by Starbucks in Banjarbaru, can be a positive or negative experience experienced by customers when interacting with the brand. A positive brand experience can make customers feel comfortable and happy to be in the cafe and satisfied with the quality of the products and services they receive. High self-congruity can make customers feel comfortable and happy interacting with a brand and make consumers more loyal to that brand. This research method uses a questionnaire with 165 Starbucks Banjarbaru customers as a sample and was selected from the entire customer population. Variable measurement uses the Likert Scale technique with a weight scale from 1 to 5. Data analysis uses partial least squares with the help of the SmartPLS program. The research results show that brand experience, brand loyalty, and self-congruity have a positive effect on positive word of mouth. Brand love mediates the influence of brand experience, brand loyalty, self-congruity on positive word of mouth.


Brand experience Brand love Brand loyalty Positive word of mouth Self-congruity

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Prihatiningrum, R. Y., & Sutan Naufal Al Khadafi. (2023). The Effect of Brand Experience, Brand Loyalty, and Self-Congruity on Positive Word of Mouth with Brand Love as an Intervening Variable: A Study in Banjarbaru Starbucks Customers. Open Access Indonesia Journal of Social Sciences, 7(2), 1375-1380.