Published: May 21, 2021

The Influence of Marketing Mix Variables on Purchasing Decisions and Its Impact on Post-Purchase Customer Satisfaction of Royal Garden Residence Bali Housing (Study at PT Properti Bali Benoa)

264-280 Edi Sugiono, Andini Nurwulandari, Christiani Junita

Designing Accounting Information Systems for Primary Cash Receipts and Expenditures in Open ERP-based Retail Units (ODOO)

281-290 Ivana Larasati Putri Navalina, Ludfi Djajanto, Ari Kamayanti

Best Practices and Challenges of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) in Social Sciences Instruction of Junior High School Students in Jolo, Sulu

291-299 Adamel K. Lukman

Teachers' Profile and Classroom Instruction Delivery: The Case of a Certain University in the Southern Philippines

300-308 Abubakar J. Radjuni

Economic Implications of Senior High School to Parents in Southern Philippines: A Rural-Urban Perspective

309-326 Kadafi A. Basaluddin

Demographic Profiles and the Percieved-Actual Responses of the Grade 7 History Teachers on the Implementation of the K-12 Curriclum in the Province of Sulu

327-334 Abdulla I. Mohammad

Teachers’ Perception On Modular Distance Learning Approach At Mindanao State University-Sulu: Its Readiness And Challenges

335-354 Padzmahal G. Jayani

Factors Which Promoted the Interest of the Selected Professionals in Jolo in Obtaining A Master’s Degree

355-363 Farrah Carlson L. Tandih