Published: Oct 1, 2023

Analysis and Study of the Use of Digital National Identity Card Services in Generation Z

1061-1068 Zahlimar, Abu Bakar, Ipik Permana, Mukarto Siswoyo, Hamirul

The Effectiveness of the Crowdsourcing Concept in Human Resource Management in the Online Motorcycle Taxi Business on the Satisfaction of Partners and Service Users

1069-1074 Mimin Pembayuningtyas, Hery Purnomo, Dodi Kusuma Hadi Soejoko

Analysis of the Study of Digital Marketing Potential on Product Purchase Decisions in Generation Z

1075-1082 Ayu Alfyya Fathinasari, Hery Purnomo, Poniran Yudho Leksono

How Important Psychological Safety is in Supporting Strategic Management to Achieve Success: A Narrative Literature Review

1083-1091 Ade Irma Setya Negara, M. Fachrizal Helmi, Ariesta Tohir Wijaya, Harries Madistriyatno

The Effect of Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation on Student’s Entrepreneurial Intention in West Kalimantan

1092-1102 Raymond Wahyudi

Analysis of the Utilization of Digital Media as a Means of Public Communication: A Case Study at the Cattleya Mental Health Center

1103-1110 Yoki Famila Sandi

Optimizing the Role of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) Deliberative Bureau: A Systematic Literature Review

1111-1117 Muhammad Tartib, Etty Sri Wahyuni

Political Information for Young Women

1118-1128 Reny Yunia Ningtias, Yuli Candrasari

The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employee Performance Through Intrinsic Motivation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior as Intervening Variables: Study at the High Religious Court of Jakarta Indonesia

1129-1141 Adi Prasetya Wardana, Hastin Umi Anisah

Improving Operational Management Efficiency in the Food and Beverage Industry: A Systematic Literature Review

1143-1149 Enrica Ryan Geminarqi, Hery Purnomo

The Impact of BTS-GOJEK Sales Promotion on Impulsive Buying Behavior among Indonesian ARMY (BTS Fanbase)

1150-1158 Bryan, Silvanus Alvin